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You Are Smart. We Have a Smart NEW GRILL for You!

Bluetooth and WiFi Included with Bright Grill™

Bright Grill™ works with your iPhone, iPad, Pebble Watch, Android phone and tablet. No matter how you like to be smart, Bright Grill™ integrates with the most popular smart devices.

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Fun, Easy Grilling

Do you ever wonder exactly how long you should cook chicken or beef so that it is safe to eat but doesn’t dry out? Sick of having to hover over your grill not knowing when to flip and when the food is ready? Bright Grill™ makes sure this is easy for you. Your phone notifies you when dinner is ready and even keeps it warm for you.

Grill Inside or Outside and on Balconies

Most apartments do not allow gas or charcoal grills–but do allow electric. With Bright Grill™‘s sleek design and portable footprint you can use the grill inside or outside (without that annoying trip to the store for fuel). As long as you have power, you are ready to get grilling.

Recipe Library in Bright Grill™ App

The Bright Grill™ app has hundreds of recipes with lists of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. The app directs the grill to make changes in temperature automatically, such as for more complicated steps when searing food. It also gives you notifications of specific actions you need to take next, such as flipping or adding toppings and ingredients.


You know you are the grill master. Why not let everyone else know? With your recipe library, you can browse, build, and share or pin your favorite recipes. All your friends have to do is open and follow the instructions you set for them.

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With Bright Grill™, you can entertain loved ones, play beer pong, watch the kids, or work on a few emails–all while you have the peace of mind knowing your food will turn out perfectly every time. You get a notification at each step of the cooking process and automate the cooking process so you can focus on the sides or the entertainment.

Big Grilling Area

One complaint with many electric grills is the cooking area is too small.  Only a few burgers or veggies can be grilled at a time,  With Bright Grill™, you can cook for the family or gathering.  Easily cook 8 burgers at once.

Great Value

With most smart appliances costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, why not have a grill with excellent smart technology for just $199 ($149 early bird price)? Bright Grill™ is the smart choice for your budget.


Bright Grill™ is perfect for the busy professional or student. Control the temperature from your phone. Get an important message right as the hamburgers are ready, or your friends call running a few minutes behind? Not a problem, set the grill to warm without having to run out to the Grill. This is a perfect dorm or house warming gift for those busy loved ones.

Learn to Grill

With Bright Grill™, you can learn how to properly cook all sorts of new meat cuts. Simply by using the app you can learn how to cook a New York steak “medium rare” or a T-Bone “well done.” Children can also use the app to learn how to cook, improve their skills, and eat healthier foods.